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Skincare Tips for Men

It’s November, a.k.a MOvember, and this whole month is dedicated to the awareness of Men’s Health.  Men often overlook the importance of having clean, healthy skin and won’t normally do the necessary steps needed to maintain a youthful complexion.  Below is a list of tips to get you started on an effective skincare routine

  1. Realize that there is nothing unmanly about taking care of your skin.  It simply means that you take pride in your appearance.  Taking care of your skin is essential to self-preservation and contributes to overall health and wellness.
  2.  It is important to cleanse your face twice a day as dirt and oils get trapped on the surface of your skin and can cause irritation to skin resulting in clogged pores and acne.  I know this goes without saying, but it is one of the most important parts of your skincare regimen.
  3. Pre-Shave oil is Essential.  It moisturizes the skin and prepares the skin for a close shave. It also provides a layer of protection for the skin to protect it from potential nicks from the razor blade.  Always shave in the direction of hair growth as to avoid ingrown hairs that occur when you shave in multiple directions. Ingrown hair can cause severe irritation and inflammation and can be quite uncomfortable so it is best to avoid this situation at all costs.
  4. Moisturize daily so that your skin will feel softer and more rejuvenated.  You can also reduce the look of fine lines and aging by moisturizing daily.
  5. Wear Sunscreen every day of the year no matter what the weather is like outside.  Sunny, raining. snow storm, cloudy.  An SPF should be worn at all times.  UVA and UVB rays can cause severe damage to skin overtime resulting in premature aging, broken capillaries, age spots and even Cancer. It is important to apply sunscreen to all areas of the skin that may be exposed even unforgotten areas like lips and ears.

For the month of November, $10 from every Men’s Grooming Facial or Men’s Grooming Package purchased will go to the Canadian Centre for Men and Families Program to support the growing needs in the community and to bring awareness to Men’s health.

A little more about the centre…

Established in 2014, the Canadian Centre for Men and Families (CCMF) is Toronto’s first hub for the health and well-being of boys, men, fathers and families. The Centre is an open, inclusive and safe space, providing therapy and counselling, peer support, a legal clinic, fathering programs, mentorship and support services for male victims of trauma and violence.  They provide services, research, advocacy, outreach and public education on all aspects of men’s issues.  The centre will catalyze a fundamental change in society’s attitude towards boys and men. They will confront that which impedes men from getting help and work with the community to respond to unmet needs. They create a better future for our sons and daughters through mutual understanding, compassion and support.

To participate, simply book and purchase a Men’s Grooming Facial or Men’s Grooming Package online.  Appointment does not need to be booked in November but needs to be purchased in November.  Appointment can be booked at clients convenience or according to availability between November 2017 and March 2018.  Once booked and purchased, $10 from that facial or package will go towards the CCMF program.

Click here to book and purchase online.

Hope to see you soon!  Happy Men’s Health Awareness Month a.k.a Movember

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