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The concept behind meditation is that you are clearing your mind and becoming completely within the present moment.  Your thoughts may wander, but that’s okay.  Bring it back to the present moment.  You are more than aware of them.  You realize that they are just mere thoughts and they are not apart of you.  You begin to observe them as an outsider.  They don’t belong to you.  You become detached from the emotions that may provoke you and as you do this, your body becomes more relaxed.  You begin to tap into different brain waves than you would normally in your waking life.  This is the space where all the benefits of meditation lie.

Meditation improves the quality of the skin by addressing it from the inside out.  As you enter a deep meditative state, the body automatically switches to a healing, regenerating operating mode.  The body needs time in order to generate new skin cells and the health of the new cell must be good.  If the health of the emerging cells are compromised by stress, poor nutrition, hormonal imbalances and environmental factors, the quality of the skin deteriorates resulting in papery, thin skin that lacks elasticity and resilience.

Symptoms of stress that appear on the skin are acne, hives, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis and more.  Some people manifest stress in their skin while others have different target organs that deal with stress differently.  Some get migraines while others get rashes because the skin is their target organ.  For example, stress releases a hormone called cortisol, cortisol increases oil production in the skin which then, contributes to skin conditions such as acne.

Therefore, stress reduction is critical to successfully treating skin ailments and promoting healthy skin cell growth and regeneration.

A reduction of stress enhances the body’s capacity to self heal and to function at it’s best.  Much of the stress and negativity that resides in our physical body is emotional – we hold certain beliefs about ourselves, and those beliefs have a distinct energy that affects our bodies.  So if you think negatively about the way you look, your self-esteem and so on, it will reflect in our health.

Stress affects every cell in our body.  Both physical and emotional.  We have to nourish our body with good food, good care and a daily meditation practice for deep relaxation to reverse the damage of what stress can do to our skin and bodies.  Our skin will always reflect on the outside what we think about ourselves on the inside.  As we work on the inner man through self awareness, mindfulness and personal growth, our skin will improve as well.

Following this article is a meditation technique called Grounding Meditation.  But before going to the Grounding Meditation, read and understand about the Chakras and its functions to fully benefit from this or any meditation.

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