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Getting married is by far one of the most important days of a woman’s life.  Besides having to think of what you want to be when you grow up, a woman naturally plans out her wedding day from when she’s a little girl.  From the dress to the man to the location, everything is pretty much planned out in her mind.  Now that the time is here and the dream is being put into action, I’m here to help you with all you need to know about hiring a makeup artist for your wedding day.

Hiring a makeup artist to do your makeup on your wedding day will save you from the stress and worry of having to do it yourself on such a busy morning.  It’s one less thing to do and once all your bridesmaids choose to do the same, everyone will have a look that compliments each other and is more in unison as a group.  One thing that brides and their bridal party need to know is that makeup is done mainly for the pictures that will be looked at for decades to come.  The makeup that is achieved is a more classic, neutral look that will look good in every era, but still heavy enough for it to be seen on camera. Depending on the look that the bride has on a daily basis, the makeup artist will give her a look that will still make her look like “herself” but with a touch of added beauty.  You wouldn’t want to be walking down the aisle towards your husband and he not recognize who you are.

The best way to find a makeup artist is by word of mouth.  Ask around to women that have gotten married and ask them who did their makeup for their wedding.  This is often the best way because you get a first hand review from someone who has used that artist and can look at their photos to see how good their work is.  If you don’t know any married women then head over to your nearest cosmetic counter to ask around for an artist that is available on the day of your wedding.  It is okay to contact a few because you can ask them to send you some of their past work and sift them out that way.  You’re going to want to go with one that fits your style and look that you are going for on your special day.

Once you have narrowed it down and found one, the next step, which is very important, is to book a Bridal Trial with them.  A bridal trial is for the artist to consult with the bride about the color scheme of the wedding, the neckline of the dress and the hairstyle.  All these play a part in choosing the colors and style of makeup.  I usually suggest for my clients to look at pictures online or in magazines and bring examples of the looks they like.  The artist will determine the face, eye and lip shape of the bride-to-be and fill out a face chart of the colors used for her to bring home.  

The trial gives you, the bride, a chance to speak up and say what color lipstick you like and don’t like, whether you want your skin to be matte or dewy and your eyes to be smoky, colorful or natural, with or without liner or lashes.  The bride should never go away from a trial unsatisfied because the trial is for you to make it clear what you want so on the day of, all that is out the way and there is a mutual understanding of the desired look she is going for.

Once the look is completed and you are happy with it, I always recommend for the bride-to-be to take various pictures outside, indoors, dressed up with hair done (if possible, come on the same day when you go for your hair bridal trial and/or your dress fitting.  You get a better idea of how good the makeup looks when you are all complete with wardrobe and hairstyle.  If you don’t do this and help dress up the makeup, then your makeup is going to seem a little off to you and won’t look or feel right.) because, again, the makeup is primarily done for the photos so it MUST look good on camera.  If you find in the pictures that your face is lighter/darker than the rest of you or your eyes are too dark and dramatic or not dramatic enough then you can see that and address it with the artist so he/she can make the adjustments.

Most makeup artist will require a deposit to be made when you are booking her for the date of your wedding.  This is to secure her and make sure he/she keeps themselves  available for you and to confirm your commitment with the artist.  It’s happened many, many times when you get a makeup artist for your day and then either you, the client, cancels last minute or the artist is a no show and messes up the day for the bride.  Get that out the way and secure the artist with a deposit.  It’s much easier that way.





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