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The gloomy winter weather is on your side because it helps your skin to heal more efficiently by exposing you less to the sun.  With the low temperatures, there is less moisture in the air and even causes those with normal to oily skin types to experience excessive dryness.  Chemical peels can effectively remove dry, damaged skin from the face to reveal a more youthful, smooth, hydrated skin.  Here are some benefits to having a Chemical Peel in the winter:

  • Skin conditions like hyper pigmentation and premature aging are better to treat because there is less sun exposure
  • Gently removes the dry, damaged outer layer of the skin
  • Reduces scars associated with acne
  • Leaves skin smoother, hydrated and more youthful looking
  • Chemical Peels provide the best results when performed in a series, 1-3 times a year
  • Customizable for individual results
  • Intense treatments are best done in the winter to avoid further damage the sun causes in the summer
  • A peel in the winter will prepare your skin for the spring, summer season and will have you looking your best!

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